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My, oh my, how the months fly by. Last I posted it was winter and now it’s fall again. Three seasons later, I have three things to share.

I’m very pleased to have published two new story-reviews this year. These are my experimental book reviews, or critifictions, as I call them sometimes. (A friend of mine said he thinks I might have invented this form/genre? Hard to say. Who knows?)

Editor Joe Schreiber kindly published this story-review, “Paper Monument,” in 3:AM Magazine. It’s about political protests, identity, and Brazilian author Beatriz Bracher’s first novel in English, “I Didn’t Talk,” translated by Adam Morris.

Feminist_CatalogCoverArt_Iliac Crest.jpg

The editors at Full Stop published this story-review of “The Iliac Crest,” by Cristina Rivera Garza, translated by Sarah Booker. Called “Turning Back,” in this one The Critic recalls a bad hunting trip with her Dad.

I wrote a flash fiction about parenting and anxiety calledShield” for Burning House Press. Guest Editor Rachael de Moravia chose it for a very powerful issue in September on the theme of Belonging / Returning / Retreating.

I hope everyone’s work, and reading, and all else are going well. Lots to look forward to writing-wise in 2019, including a story I’ll have in an anthology from Russ Bennetts for Berfrois, and at least two more story-reviews in the works. (Which reminds me: Ron Slate has re-launched his online literary/cultural magazine On the Seawall. Well worth your time.) Thank you for reading!

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    I found an image of a loon riding a bicycle in a 2007 article about a group called loon-a-tics. I am looking for the artist, perhaps it is you.
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