Criti-fiction (experimental book reviews)

8. “Old Phenomena
Textshop Experiments

7. “Party On
The Critical Flame

6. “Paper Monument
3:AM Magazine

5. “Turning Back
Full Stop

4. “Another Life
Full Stop

3. “War Bond
Interfictions Online

2. “Kill Fee

1. Honest Work
3:AM Magazine*

*Winner, Charm Quark, 3 Quarks Daily Arts & Literature Prize, judge: Mohsin Hamid.


Author Nell Zink
The Paris Review Daily

Publisher & author Danielle Dutton
The Millions

Author Ismet Prcic
BOMB online


The University of Pennsylvania by Caren Beilin
The Kenyon Review Online

The Distant Soundby Gert Jonke
Bookforum online

Selected Stories of Tove Jansson
The Kenyon Review Online

Year of the Rat” by Marc Anthony Richardson

Burial” by Claire Donato
The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty” by Diane Williams
The National


The President’s Bucket
3:AM Magazine

Why I’m Only Reading Books By Women
Asymptote blog

Five Years after #ReadWomen2014
Asymptote blog

Literature and the Illustrator’s Art

Gerald Murnane’s Exquisite Failures” [print only]
Music & Literature

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