A selected list of my short fiction.

The Brooklyn Rail   Particles of Death & The Breath of Life

(b)OINKzine   New Names for the Dead [Also in Tamil translation]

Great Jones Street   Two stories in the free GSJ app

Minor Literature[s]   Half of Love

gorse    Killing Off Ray Apada

Corium Magazine    The Designer

Berfrois    Currawong

Numéro Cinq    The Open Air

Pithead Chapel   Summer Break

Fiddleblack    Sharpening the Sickle to Shame the Scythe
*storySouth 2015 Million Writers Award Nominee.

3:AM Magazine    Some Notes on the Habits of Wild Garment-Sculpture

Necessary Fiction    A Disturbance in the Herd Affects the Flock

The Nottingham Review    Interrupting Something

The Sultan’s Seal    Value Proposition

decomP    A Death in the House of Nostalgia
*Longlisted for Wigleaf Top 50 (very) short fiction for 2014.

Fiddleblack    Dignity and the Will to Accept Fate