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Hi. Welcome to truce. This litblog is focused (mostly) on experimental fiction, literature in translation, and interviews with literary critics.

It’s also my author site. My bio is below. Links in the drop-down menus above lead to samples of my work. Thank you for visiting truce!

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About Matthew Jakubowski
I am a rather tall writer from Virginia. I’ve lived in West Philadelphia since 2008.

My short stories, reviews, and interviews have appeared in more than 50 literary journals and other publications. Where? It feels weird to list them but there is a list and it includes places like The Brooklyn Rail, Music and Literature, gorse, 3:AM Magazine, Full Stop, The Paris Review Daily, Kirkus Reviews, The Kenyon Review Online, Bookforum, and The Millions.

One relatively new thing I’m excited to be involved in is the Creative at the Cannery Reading and Open Mic series, which I manage and co-host at Dock Street Cannery in West Philly. We bring in local novelists, short story writers, translators, playwrights, and journalists. In 2019, the series was named a Best of Philly winner by Philadelphia Magazine. Other things of note I feel weird listing but someone smart once said I should include: I served twice as a fiction judge for the Best Translated Book Award given by Three Percent at the University of Rochester. I was interviews editor from 2013 – 2015 for the very excellent translation journal Asymptote. In 2014, I was awarded a 3QD Arts & Literature Prize judged by novelist Mohsin Hamid. And I’m a contributing editor at The Critical Flame and a member of the National Book Critics Circle. My work as a critic focused on writing by women has been covered by The Guardian UK. OK, maybe that was too much, but the internet is here for us to fill up, right, so there it is.

I was raised in the U.S., Germany, and Australia, and earned my bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing from the University of Michigan and my master’s in fiction from Northwestern University. I am a working writer—with more than twenty years’ experience as a journalist, technical writer, and copy editor—and an artist-parent with two children. 

Praise for my writing
“A brief flickering of something that brings to mind Pale Fire, this text about a text about a text about a text is magical and wise. It shimmers.”

—Mohsin Hamid, commenting on my experimental review “Honest Work” in his judge’s statement for the 3 Quarks Daily Arts and Literature Prize.