gratitude, 2014

I’d like to say thanks for following the blog this year and reading a few of my posts. I’m looking forward to checking out more of everyone’s work in 2015.

As for the rest of this post, I’ve been incredibly fortunate this year. I got to work with dozens of people who challenged and supported me and, perhaps most importantly, contrary to the past five years or so, no one close to me died. (Raps knuckles to temple.)

To gear up for the work ahead I took a little time to record good things from 2014 in the hope of building on them. And that goes for everything from writing/art projects to more social activism. Here’s a recap in a link-heavy chunk of text. Thanks again for reading truce in 2014!

January: after 30+ subs I sold my first short story,Killing Off Ray Apada,” to gorse (thanks to editor Susan Tomaselli); was featured in The Guardian’s story,Year of Reading Women Declared (thanks to Joanna Walsh and Alison Flood); edited interviews with Anne Carson and Yoshitomo Nara for Asymptote.  February: exhibited my first art installation, a collaboration with artist Geoff Thompson, called “The Year-Book(thanks to Gigantic Sequins and the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym).  March: organized and hosted the first-ever Asymptote event in Philadelphia (thanks to readers Katherine Hill, Hilary Plum, Ken Kalfus, and Vincent Kling; and Anne Tetreault of Spiral Bookcase).  May: Fiddleblack published my short story,Sharpening the Sickle to Shame the Scythe” (thanks to editor Jason Cook).  June: published my first fiction reviews for Kirkus Reviews and The Kenyon Review Online; 3 Quarks Daily informed me that novelist Mohsin Hamid had chosen an experimental review I wrote as one of three winners of an Arts and Literature Prize 2014.  July: interviewed Rohan Maitzen.  August: appeared on the Book Fight! podcast to discuss fiction in translation, Asymptote, and #readwomen2014 (thanks to Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister).  September: gorse published my second experimental review,Kill Fee” (thanks again to Susan); was invited to read at Philadelphia’s best fiction series, TireFire (thanks to Annie Liontas and Sarah Rose Etter; and venue host Tattooed Mom).  October: read at Big Blue Marble Books with Eric Shonkwiler and Joshua Isard (thanks to Leah Angstman and everyone at Blue Marble); interviewed David Winters.  December: Fiddleblack published my short story,Canopy,” in their second print anthology (thanks again to Jason); protested at #PhillyDieIn and marched near 30th St. Station; interviewed Nell Zink for The Paris Review’s blog; my short-short story, “Value Proposition,” was accepted by Fanzine (thanks to editors Blake Butler and, again, to Sarah).

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