gorse #1


This post is woefully overdue. But here it is, a couple months late.

I have a short story in the first issue of a wonderful new Irish literary magazine called gorse. It’s a print journal and it’s beautiful. Issue 1 was published in January and I cannot adequately express how pleased and humbled I am to have my words appear between the same covers as the other contributors. (See below.)

Do check it out, follow gorse on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe, and pre-order issue 2, which is due out in September. In short, put gorse on your list of magazines to watch. The editors, Susan Tomaselli and David Gavan, are off to a roaring start.

Table of Contents

The Magnet Has a Soul & Everything is Water, How Modernism is Ancient by Darran Anderson
The Run of the Streets by Karl Whitney
Appetite for Depletion, Thoughts on Michel Houellebecq by Rob Doyle
Various Assumptions, the Still Lives of the Artists by Kevin Breathnach
Close to the Edit, the Films of Nicolas Roeg by Richard Kovitch

Evan Lavender-Smith by David Winters
Adam Thirlwell by Susan Tomaselli
Jesse Jones by David Gavan

Inverted Yearning by Julie Reverb
Killing Off Ray Apada by Matthew Jakubowski
Vagues by Joanna Walsh (English) / Прошлым летом на море by Anna Aslanyan(Russian)
Oslo, Norway by John Holten
Thornback Ray by Desmond Hogan

Six Poems From {Enthusiasm} by S.J. Fowler
Crocodile by Colin Herd

The City by Stephen Crowe


Cover art: Niall McCormack