I’ve let weeks go by without a post and great things have happened related to #readwomen2014, which I’ll say more about later, but for now just a list!

  • For The Women’s Blog at The Guardian, Joanna Walsh wrote about the #readwomen2014 hashtag she created.
  • Also in The Guardian, Alison Flood wrote a piece about the hashtag and Daniel Pritchard’s announcement that The Critical Flame would only review books by women and writers of color for 2014.
  • At her blog, Badaude, Joanna Walsh posted a roundup of coverage of articles about the movement.
  • The @readwomen Twitter account and Facebook page are now live (and have been, I know, I’m late catching up on things here).
  • Finally, also at Badaude, Walsh has posted photos from bookstores that have added #readwomen2014 sections and tables! I love this — seeing something go from a Tweet right into the real world.

Also, I cited them in my Asymptote post about my reading resolution, but it bears repeating that both Lilit Marcus and Jonathan Gibbs began separate projects reading only books by women before all this started.