Damp & splotchy


The splotchy thing above is a detail from a finger-painting my son did. He has no idea he created it. He just made it and brought it home from school before disappearing beneath a pile of Legos. I pinned the painting up by my desk at work and there it hung for many months until I noticed the intricate webbings inside the mess, and snapped a photo last week. Not sure why, and I’m probably overthinking it a bit, but it feels like I’m supposed to learn something from that somehow. Or not. I just like it.

Meanwhile, I was very happy in May to have two stories in The Brooklyn Rail. They are both very short stories, and appeared in print and online, so if you need a quick read, they’re on the same webpage. One is about death, and the title even says so: “Particles of Death.” The other is about love and is called “The Breath of Life.” I’m grateful to Donald Breckenridge for publishing them.

One quick news item: I am now a contributing editor at The Critical Flame. The submission guidelines will lead you to the Submittable page, but if you’d like to send me a pitch directly, please do—I’m at mattjakubowski at hotmail dot com. The issue on Motherhood is a recent highlight at the journal.

Another item worth a mention: I will have new experimental book review about Bae Suah in the next issue of Full Stop

And before I go, a few very quick notes about books I’ve read lately: you should check out Joanna Walsh’s mesmerizing and brilliant online story experience, Seed, which was designed to be read on a phone. And if you’ve never read any fiction by Sofia Samatar, which you should, very soon, I am really enjoying A Stranger in Olondria, her first novel, which won several awards.

Summer is so damp in Philly. I don’t like that. But it beats winter, I suppose. So happy summer, if you’re into dampness! (Or happy not-summer, if you’re reading this on a side of the planet that’s cooler right now.)

2 thoughts on “Damp & splotchy

  1. That is quite a striking piece of artwork, Matt. Those intricate lines in the lower half are reminiscent of the dendrites of neurons. Speaking to your brain cells perhaps?

    So exciting to know you have a new performance art/review piece coming out and best wishes in your new editorial role. I’ll keep The Critical Flame in mind should any of my half-formed ideas start to coalesce.

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    • Yes, I think you’re right about the lines in the painting—I had a similar thought! Glad you like it.

      It would be wonderful to have you contribute to The Critical Flame. Please keep us in mind and reach out to me anytime with ideas for a review, interview, or essay. Take care, and thanks for reading this post!

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